Moscow Walks

Administration of Culture of the Administration of the City of Lobnya
MKU “Art Gallery”

Represent a personal exhibition of Boris Kogan: “Walks around Moscow”.

From November 24 to December 17, 2017 in the halls of the art gallery of the city of Lobnya, a solo exhibition of the contemporary impressionist artist Boris Kogan will take place – “Walks around Moscow”.

The exhibition will feature about 100 works, most of which the artist dedicated to one of his favorite themes, a kind of museum of his creativity, a jubilee and the capital of our country – Moscow.

The majestic center and the mysterious outskirts, magnificent parks and quiet squares, wide avenues and lonely streets – Boris Kogan is trying to reveal the diversity of the modern metropolis. Working in the open air, the artist manages to grasp the whole essence of the moment and its atmosphere. It’s amazing how somehow resolutely broad strokes, and somewhere cautious and subtle, Boris tells on the canvas of history, where Moscow of our days, along with all its imperfections, looks so charming and captivatingly alive. The appearance of the modern capital can be described briefly in a few words: noisy, bright, modern, fast, but at the same time so warm and close … It is impossible to comprehend it, you just need to love.