The city atmosphere

The urban landscape is the life of a modern city, with its frantic rhythm, fuss, vehicles, houses, monuments of architecture and of course its inhabitants. It contains a lot of interesting things: romance, mystery, energy, drive and its own special beauty. With the rising of the sun, the noise and bustle of the streets awakens, with the onset of dusk, everything seems to fade away, and with the arrival of evening and night – bright lights turn on and the city plunges into a mysterious atmosphere.

Moscow, the cities of the Mediterranean countries, and many other modern urban scenes will be presented at the personal exhibition of the artist Boris Kogan – “The Atmosphere of the City.”

Creating his paintings in the open air, the artist manages to grasp the whole essence of the moment and display his mood. It’s amazing how somehow resolutely broad strokes, and somewhere cautious and subtle, Boris tells on the canvas of history, on which the cities of our days, together with all their imperfections, look so charming and captivatingly alive. He travels for a long time, displaying with ease and ease the atmosphere and mood of different cities and countries of the world.

The exhibition will be held in the Museum and Exhibition Center of Reutov from December 27 to January 22.